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Thermal Insulated Pipe Production Line Installed In Russia


All new production line for thermal insulated pipe manufacture was installed

China and Russia Companies doing well with the silk and belt economic initiative.

thermal insulated pipe machine

The production line which designed by FUSION-PLASTECH with great performance in pipe manufacture. It could extrude pipe diameter from 400-1000mm. Look at the above picture, it's the all new machine group installed at Moscow, Russia. 

All line controlled by the SIEMENS S7-200 with smart touch screen as picture showing. More precise control bring us energy save, and it brings more extrusion capacity in unit time. 

single screw extruder

SJ-150/33 Single Screw Extruder was adopted. Omron temperature control system and Siemens electric elements support us with more safe and quality. Main drive power adopts DC motor, it brings the machine with super power for extusion, 1000kg/h extrusion capacity is piece of cake.

die moulds

Workers at the customer's plant were working hard to learn how to change a pipe size. Quality die moulds will bring them quality pipe. Carry on Guys, you all are best.

Days passed, flowing as water, the line was completely finished. Each guys become friends, see you my friends, we will meet at next time. The 1800mm line are coming on the road.

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