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Split Structure Designed HDPE Shell Production Line Export to Russia


At such a beautiful season, the new extrusion line for HDPE shell production has been completely finished and delivered to Russia. As an important partner country of the belt and road initiatives, Import & Export between Russia and China rasing up all the time. It takes us with great market space, Fusion-Plastech bring their quality machinery with competitive price to all buyers all over the world.

vacuum calibration tank

This extrusion unit includes Effiencent single screw extruder, calibration device, tracking units and cutting system, etc. Cause of the large pipe diameter, it was designed to Split Structure. It's Max. diameter reach to 1880mm. From the below photo we could find the split parts of Haul-off(The device to track the pipe or profiles), usually the haul-off height could reach to 3m more or less, it is too high to load it into a 40'HC.


As the important parts of one extrusion line. The calibration device/sleeves plays an important character, it's materials and quality effect to the final products quality and machine speed directly. Fusion-Plastech adopts the tin bronze as their main material, it brings whole line with good cooling effeciency and smooth surface of pipe.

calibration sleeve

For more infomation, you are invited to visit HTTP://WWW.FUSION-PLASTECH.COM. Also you could send requirements via email: sales@fusion-plastech.com. Please Click this Link to check related videos to get more detail.

cargo tranportation

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