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Plastic Welding Gun Adopted for Pipe Manhole Welding


Plastic Welding Gun Adopted for Pipe Manhole Welding

Hand Extruder plays an important role in plastic pipe industrial area

plastic welding gun

Plastic Welding gun, it was called hand extruder also. This device mainly designed for various plastic products welding. Such as plastic pipes, plastic tanks, plastic sheets and sea farmer structures, etc. Inner of t he barrel the structure almost the same like the extruder, here has screw inside. The heating system have 2 parts, one is electric heating system for welding rods melt, the other one is heating air for materials surface pre-heated.

pipe manhole

Pipe manhole usually made by plastic injection. But it will cost too much, so many manufacturers adopt hand extruder for pipe manhole welding. Here only need a large enough pipe as material. You are allowed to connect different diameter brand pipe to the main pipe.


Look at this HDPE Spiral Pipe for drainage water. When you have detail parameters required of the manhole, you could prepare the materials by your workers. The rest work only is the welding process.

manhole welding

Oh, don't learn from the above picture, the workers should be armed by safety suits, not like this really! But their welding skill really good job.

pipe welder

The final products looks good. Some people ask us about the strength of welding parts. We never give any promise about 100percent strength, 80-95percent is a reasonable value for different materials.

If you want to know more about the hand extruder/ plastic welding gun, please contact with sales@fusion-plastech.com.

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