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20 Tons of Heat Shrinkable Sleeves Export to Turkey

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20 Tons of Heat Shrinkable Sleeves Export to Turkey

-Fusion-Plastech support Turkey Pipeline Network Construction

On 19th.SEP, 2019, the cargos full with heat shrinkable sleeves were delivered to Qingdao Port, China. Here the goods will be shipped to Ankara Port, Turkey. The final user is a local pipe company which running hers business with drainage pipe, steel pipe, etc.

Recent years, Fusion-Plastech through itself into "the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" , whatever plastic machinery nor heat shrinkable sleeves were widely used by the countries beside "the Belt and Road".

heat shrinkable sleeves

This kind of heat shrinkable sleeves composed by Pe basic film and adhesive layer. Its mainly application area is pipeline system. Such as plastic pipe joint sealing, steel pipe anti-corrosion, 2PE or 3PE system, etc.

heat shrinkable sleeve

Look at the above photo which was taken from girth field construction of nature gas pipeline anti-corrosion. Workers use 100mm width heat shrinkable sleeves to keep the steel pipe surface away from the air.

heat shrinkbale sleeves

Also steel pipe bends at the workshop also could be wrapped around with the heat shrinkable sleeves, this structure usually called 2-layer PE system.

heat shrinkable sleeves

Fusion-Plastech never said how good their shrinkable sleeves was, never compare its products with CANUSA and Raychem. Is the heat shrinkable sleeves poor with quality? Not Really, actually fusion-plastech only care about what the final user's words. They only know the products which satisfied with buyers requirements are the best goods.

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